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ND Education Committee

Notre Dame Regional Secondary School is established in accordance with the Provisional Guidelines for the structure of school administration within the "Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese".

A local Education Committee, made up of two elected representatives from each of the ten participating parishes, and three pastors, elected by the pastors of those participating parishes, manages the school. One of these pastors is appointed as the Archbishop's Representative for the school. The local Education Committee is responsible for the school, delegating the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school to the Principal.

Mr. Roger DesLauriers,
e-mail | W:604-255-5454 (2131)

Dr. Richard Busse,
NDEC - Vice Chair
Our Lady of Sorrows

Ms. Roma Cirko,
NDEC - Chairperson
St. Jude

Mr. Robert Coelho,
Ndec - Finance Committee
St. Helen's
e-mail | W:604 313-1202

Mr. Leyn Diaz,
NDEC - Uniform
St. Mary's

Mr. Marco Holzer,
St. Helen's
e-mail | W:604 817-6076

Mrs. Antonia Jaques,
NDEC - Parking/Finance Committee
Corpus Christi

Mr. Alfredo Osorio,
NDEC - Maintenance
Our Lady of Sorrows
e-mail | W:604 928-5614

Mrs. Valaine Sananin,
NDEC - Fundraising
Holy Cross
e-mail | W:6014 738-9347

Mrs. Maddie Woods,
NDEC - Treasurer
Holy Cross

Mrs. Edna Young,
NDEC-- Member at Large
St. Mary's
e-mail | W:604-454-0086

Quick Facts
Founded: 1953
Area: Renfrew - Hastings Sunrise
Mascot: Juggler
Students: 700+

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Notre Dame Regional Secondary School
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