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Updated Dress Code


Please click on the link below for a Uniform Update regarding footware.

Uniform Update October 2021











Event Advisory



Important Event Advisory







Halloween Costume Update


Halloween Expectations 

Safety Over Convenience 


Cafeteria Re-Opens For Lunches!

Cafeteria Serivce will begin on 


This year we will be using the on-line ordering system : Munch A Lunch

Please Click here to set-up your on-line account.  Grades 10-12 will have access to both on-line or in person ordering with the cafeteria.











Juggler Day



This Friday, Oct 1 will be a Juggler Day. Students are invited to wear their Notre Dame casual wear such as, Notre Dame sweaters, sweatpants, t-shirts, team wear etc.. . Attached are the Juggler Day dress code expectations for further clarification.



Juggler Field Seat Sponsorship

Sponsor a seat at Juggler Field by clicking the image above or scanning the QR Code on your mobile device.