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Sue Cirillo
posted this news on March 8, 2022

Students Entering Grade 10

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Notre Dame is in the process of moving its student information system from PowerSchool to MyEdBC. Last week, students received an email to their myndrs accounts with their login and temporary password. When the student logs in for the first time, they will be asked to change the temporary password to their own password. They will also be asked to choose a password recovery question and answer. 


Course Selections are now open on student MyEdBC accounts (not PowerSchool) until March 27. Course Selections are completed by students; parents, please review course choices with your children. Parent accounts for MyEdBC will be created at a later date.


I have attached step-by-step instructions for Course Selections on MyEdBC.


Please read the following carefully: 

Students entering Gr 10 next year are required to take: 

Pre-selected Courses 

  • BA Philosophy and Religion 10 
  • Science 10 
  • Social Studies 10 
  • Career-Life Education with electives (see below) 
  • Physical Health Education 10 

Required Courses with Choice 

  • English Language Arts 10 
    • All students take Literary Studies 10 and choose ONE of: Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, or New Media 10.
    • Those who took English Honours in Gr 9, choose ONE: Composition 11, Creative Writing 11, Literary Studies 11, or New Media 11 
  • Math 10 (see Math Flowchart below) 
    • Foundations of Math & Precalculus 10 or Workplace Math 10 (if available, consider your Math teacher’s recommendation)
    • Those who took Math Honours in Gr 9, choose Pre-Calculus 11 
  • A Language 
    • French 10 or Introductory Spanish 11  
    • Those in French Honours 9, choose French 11 
    • Those in Program Support 9, should choose Program Support 10 instead of a language 

Students in Gr 10 must also choose Electives that will rotate throughout the year with Career-Life Education: 

  • Instrumental Music: Concert Band 10 (must have been in Band 8 and 9)
  • Choose two of: 
    • Art Studio 10 
    • Drama 10 
    • Electronics and Robotics 10 
    • Food Studies 10 
    • Textiles 10 

Students are to choose the following alternative courses. These alternative courses will be used if there is a conflict with your schedule. For example, a course is not offered because student interest is too low, or the course does not fit with other courses in your schedule. 

  • A second choice English Language Arts: Composition, Creative Writing, or New Media (also Literary Studies for those entering Gr 11 English) 
  • A back up elective (Art, Drama, Electronics/Robotics, Foods, Textiles) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. (I will not be available over Spring Break.)


Thank you,

Ms. Marghetti

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