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Sue Cirillo
posted this news on May 29, 2018

Course Information for New Grade 8 Parents

Dear Incoming Grade 8 Parents/Guardians,

 We are so excited to have you join our Notre Dame community in September 2018. Some of you may be wondering about the Grade 8 program and courses.

The Grade 8 program consists of:

·        Physical Health Education

·        Humanities - English, Christian Education, Social Studies

·        STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

·        French 8

·        FLEX Block – time and space for high school transitioning activities/ workshops, Career Education, Daily Physical Activity, study skills, inquiry/passion projects and more!

·        Elective 8 – your choice of:
- Art, Foods and Music/ Drama (1/3 of the year each)
- Full-year Band


Please follow the link below to choose your elective(s) (form due by June 4th):



We look forward to meeting you.


Ms. Marghetti


Director of Student Services: Guidance and Counselling

Visual Art Department Head

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