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Sue Cirillo
posted this news on September 4, 2018

Parking and Drop-Off Information

Guidelines for Parking, Drop off and Pick up 2018 - 19

Important message to all Parents regarding parking, drop off and pick up on Venables and Parker Street.

Firstly we would like to thank you all for helping us make our school much safer in the morning when students are being dropped off.  Now that we are blessed with a fully complete school we have two main entrances that will help with traffic congestion.  The South doors on Parker Street will be another drop off point for your children and we will have parking monitors there to help with traffic flow and safety. We are hoping that with traffic being divided by the two entrances that the congestion will be much less and easier for your children to enter the school.

Please Note that during school hours 8-5pm Monday-Friday vehicles are only permitted to stop in front of the school on the south side of Venables Street for 5 minutes.  Therefore parking for any longer than 6 minutes during these posted hours may result in the driver receiving a ticket from the City of Vancouver.  For those stopping along the south side of Parker Street we ask that you remind your children to please cross at the corner of the street to reduce the chances of accidents when crossing the road. 

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