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Choosing ND Courses

If you plan on enrolling in university, college, or BCIT, careful thought and research must be put into the selection of these courses. Since you have all completed Planning 10, you should have already done a lot of exploration of possible careers and post- secondary institutions for your future.

How you select these courses depends on:

  • basic graduation requirements
  • post secondary entrance requirements
  • your interests
  • your abilities
  • Students should read the Notre Dame Course Guide carefully before choosing their senior courses  
  • Course Guide 2019-20

You may choose as many courses as will fit into a regular 8 block timetable. Grade 12's with a 80% average in grades 10 and 11,  enrolled in an academically challenging program,  involved in 2 extra ciricular activies in grades 10 and 11 may have a study block with the permission of administration.

 Once you have made your course selections, the counseling department will review your choices to ensure you have the courses needed to graduate. If you are unsure, please talk to a counsellor before handing in you selections. You may also contact Ms. Marghetti.

Please take this selection process seriously. The number of sections of each course is based on the number of students selecting a certain course in April. If there are not enough requests for a certain class, it may not be offered.

Changing your selections in September may not be possible if classes are full.

  • Challenging Courses
  • Provincial Exam Schedule