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The Blue Saloon

The Blue Saloon

Save the Date :  March 7th - Pub Night !!   $35 Includes

2 Hour Beer & Beverage Tasting featuring local establishments 

Full Southern BBQ  ! Ribs and all the fixings - Mechanical Bull - Door Prizes and much more!  Tickets will go on sale beginning February 1st !  Get yours Early!







Cafeteria Specials - January 27th - 31st


Monday - Perogies & Sausage (or)    Grilled Cheese & Fries

Tuesday -  Deluxe Burger & Fries (or)        Fried Chicken &  Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday - Early Dismissal

Thursday -   Chinese New Year Special (or) Fish & Chips

Friday - Beef Lasagne & Garlic Bread (or) Hot Wings & Fries


ND Traffic

Parking and Traffic At Notre Dame

With the school year well underway we remind all our parents to be respectful and aware of the Pick-up and Drop-off procedures in place at Notre Dame.

As well please be mindful of our neighbhours when parking and traveling through our community.  Contact community.relations@ndrs.org

Safety over Convenience   



Strictly Dance - February 21st

Registration Packages available for the 2020 Strictly Dance - Feb 21st                                                 Registration Package

ND OBSERVER January 2020

ND OBSERVER January 2020