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Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule



Please Note:  The Revised Exam Schedule

December Exam Schedule Revised

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Cafeteria Specials December 9th - 13th

Monday -  Perogies & Sausage (or)  Grilled Cheese & Fries

Tuesday -  Chicken Chow Mein (or)      Beef Tacos (or) Spring Rolls

Wednesday - BBQ Italian Sausages

Thursday -  Teriyaki Chicken Plate (or) Poutine (or) Chicken Ranch Burger

Friday - Garlic Shrimp & Orzo (or) Chicken Quesadilla

ND Traffic

Parking and Traffic At Notre Dame

With the school year well underway we remind all our parents to be respectful and aware of the Pick-up and Drop-off procedures in place at Notre Dame.

As well please be mindful of our neighbhours when parking and traveling through our community.  Contact community.relations@ndrs.org

Safety over Convenience   



Strictly Dance

Registration Packages  

Strictly Dance 2020

Registration Package 2020


ND Observer - November Issue


Click on the link below for the November Edition of the ND OBSERVER!